Bags and Totes

Large Gym Bag

Purchase at Lunarik Newbury Street

Price $425

Uma Vintage Clutch

Price $250

Scarlet Johanson

Price $125

Madonna Bag

Price $250

Uma with Diamonds

Price $250

Cartier or Chanel theme vanity Clutch

Clutch has longer straps

Price $150

Watch Clutch

Price $125

new yorker large tote

Price $350.00

Your City Clutch

Price $150

Italian Theme Tote

Price $150

Laverne Tote

Price $150

Terry Hatcher Clutch

Choose celebrity of your choice

Price $250

Neighborhood Bags

Price $150

Womens Wear Daily (front picture) Jennifer Lopez tote

WWD Price $125
Jenn Lopez Price $125

Paris vintage bag

Price $150

vintage handbags

Vintage clutch -250
Vintage bowling bag -195

Traveler Large Tote

Large Tote Measures
Price $450.00

New Yorker shoulder bag

New Yorker shoulder bag $150.00
New Yorker Cuff $55.00

Marilyn Monroe Tote

Marilyn Monroe Tote with Long handles
Price $195.00

Also featured is Marilyn Monroe cuff , This is sold with bag or without.
Marilyn Monroe Cuff -$55.00

Cartier theme Photo purse

This bag was a binocular handbag that was recreated into a watch theme bag.
Price: $95.00

Cartier theme clutch and Binocular bag

Binocular Bag $95.00
Clutch $125.00

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