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Red Bull boots designed by South End artist Jenn Sherr. (Essdras M. Suarez/Globe Staff)
These boots aren't made for walking, but admiring
October 18, 2007

South End artist Jenn Sherr makes jewelry and purses using decoupage, a technique of decorating a surface with paper and other flat materials and then sealing it with glue. But she had to employ another material - Red Bull energy drink cans - to enter the Red Bull Art of Can design contest. Sherr decoupaged go-go boots (two pairs, actually) with the ubiquitous label and was named one of about 40 finalists from among 2,000 entries worldwide. She flies to Philadelphia tomorrow for the final judging, after which three winners will be announced. Win or lose, Sherr's boots are a kick and will be exhibited - along with entries by the other finalists - Saturday through Nov. 2 at the F.U.E.L Collection in Philly. Can't make it? Check them out now at - JUNE WULFF

Q. How did you hear about the contest?
A. My mother actually sent me a picture of a pair of shoes which was the advertisement for the Red Bull Art of Can Contest and said: "Jenn, you should try this contest." I decided I would do go-go boots because I wanted the concept of Red Bull, which is an energy drink, and boots you can run in.
Q. How many cans and what other materials did you use?
A. You need a lot of glue and paper. And I love sparkles and glitter. There are about 40 cans.
Q. Do the cans come in different colors?
A. The sugar-free ones are a lighter blue.
Q. Did you use the sugar-free cans?
A. I liked the regular darker blue, but I took photographs of the sugar-free cans and made color copies. Those are mixed in with the real cans.
Q. How about tools?
A. I flatten the cans with a hammer and cut them with an Exacto knife into small pieces. The sealer glue coats everything so it all feels even.
Q. Are the boots wearable?
A. They are.
Q. Are they comfortable?
A. They are.
Q. What kind of comments do you get?
A. I don't wear these shoes but I make shoes from paper and sell them at crafts shows. I made glamorous collage clogs with rhinestones that were $65.
Q. What would you charge for a pair of boots made from Budweiser cans?
A. Probably about $175.
Q. Assuming you're one of the three winners, what do you win and what happens to the boots?
A. The first prize is tickets to Art Basel [international art show] in Switzerland. The second prize is Art Basel in Miami. The boots are the property of Red Bull now.
Q. Is third prize a case of Red Bull?
A. (Laughs.) It could be.
Q. How's your mother feeling now that you're a finalist?
A. If I win the trip to Switzerland, guess who's going?

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